I don't see my licenses in my Steinberg Account

Hello, Did anyone have seen that before?

I had Cubase since Cubase 10 and Dorcio 3.5… but nothing…
Today I activated a Cubase 11 license, in order to take advantage of the grace period that would allows me to get Cubase 12 for free in early 2022. And for the first time, I have activated my license in the download assistant (I usually do this within the elicenser app). As you see in the picture, it’s impossible to see anywhere the date I activated this license since there is nothing indicated in my account…

How can I solve it?

Thank you

Did you register the dongle from the ELC?


Are you certain you are using the correct my Steinberg account?

I just solved the problem. I had not register the dongle in my Steinberg account.

Thank you!