I don't see where i can buy the codec for cubase 7

Please can you link me where i can buy the codec for cubase 7?
For video mp3 and so on…


you don’t need it, as Cubase 7 Full includes the MP3 Encoder.


But i can’t import video file like .mov and i have quicktime installed. So i wanna import .mov file or more better the wmv file.
let me know where i can buy it…


importing video files bears no connection with the MP3 Encoder, which is only required to import MP3 audio files into minor versions of Cubase 7.

If you have problems with importing video files, please try to update QuickTime to the latest version - .wmv is not a supported format and needs to be converted in order to be imported.

The MP3 patch is available in our shop (main page -> hover on SHOP -> MP3 Upgrade Pach under ACCESSORIES), but it won’t help for this.

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Then what you need is the video codecs.
Please read the following knowledge base article:


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Guillermo please send me the right link with video istruction.
In the link that you send me i can read about video…


The link is correct, there are no video instructions for this subject.
The knowledge base article explains how the video engine works and which codecs you need to have installed in your system.
Yes, unfortunately you will have to do some reading, this knowledge base article has also been translated to Italian so you should not have a problem with it :wink:

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I don’t know why but hte first time the link direct me on the wrong page. This is Helpfull thank you…