I don't understand C10 quantizing

I switched from C5… quantizing was perfect there. Simple and to the point.

I don’t understand the way it works in C10.

Fixed note length doesn’t work. In C5 it would quantize the length of all notes to whatever I set (1/8, 1/16 etc) so all notes would become of the same length. What the heck it’s doing in C10 I have no idea. I click that and notes do not get fixed length. They shrink to microscopic size but they don’t become all the same. They just shrink proportionally. Who in the world needs 1/128 notes? Why is this happening?

Quantizing length and note ends also erratic. It changes the length to some random value. Some notes get shorter, some longer, and they don’t really snap to the grid at their ends. I can set snap value to 1/4 but they just change their length in seems like 1/64 increments here or there. They don’t match my set snap value.

I read the manual but it didn’t help.

What’s going on?


Fixed length works to me here. The length depends on the Grid setup.

Quantize Length doesn’t quantise the end to the grid. For Quantize End, there is a dedicated function.

So how do I make all notes too be of the same length? “Fixed length” doesn’t do it.

And what do do quantize midi event length and midi events ends do? They certainly don’t do what they say they do and definitely don’t function the way C5 quantize function did.

I set grid to quantize.

Also, when I manually stretch notes they don’t snap to quantize value. If I set quantize to 4, it appears the note still adjusts in something like 1/128 increments making it impossible to have them specific length unless I zoom way in.

I’m totally confused. Is there some messed up “master” quantize setting somewhere that overrides all common sense?

Sounds like you’ve got the Length Grid set to 1/128.

If you can’t see it in the menu bar, right click in the menu bar and make it visible.


Thank you! That was the cause of all the strange behavior. Don’t know why it’s hidden by default.