I don't understand Cubase users

Is this the biggest lamers forum ever?
I think we need more optimism here.
We’re talking about the best DAW in the market.
C9 is a GREAT release. period.
Thank you Steinberg for having listened to us.


Yes, I’ll agree to that, there should be more love for Cubase around here.

The only thing I was waiting for is HiDPI support. But Cubase 9 is still a blurry low-DPI mess. Period.

A clear dead-end road.

Some Mac people state that Logic Pro is much better. (Can’t confirm or disprove this since I’m a PC user though.)

I don’t think there is a “best DAW in the market.” Each has its strengths, weaknesses, or even showstoppers, for some.

Studio One doesn’t lock to MTC – showstopper for those that require it.

Reaper doesn’t have basic track time shift, without using an ugly script plugin. Unacceptable to me as my primary DAW. Other things about its UI, even with skins, I don’t like.

Digital Performer and Bitwig Studio do not have ghost/alias/shared copy MIDI patterns – complete deal-breaker for me.

Cubase has an 8 insert limit, which is hard for me to deal with. It can’t freeze / unfreeze multiple tracks at once. Its Render in Place is post-fader which is annoying to me. 64 bit plugins only, unless you use a 3rd party solution, has now put a significant stumbling block in front of me. I have chainers and don’t like them and have abandoned them. MIDI remote/controller device setup is mostly unusable – adding a single object breaks the whole thing and you have to start over.

Logic is Mac only.

Sonar is PC only (that’s about to change though).

I can’t comment on Protools, Ableton Live, or FL Studio. I haven’t used them much, but surely they’re not perfect.

I guess no DAW is perfect.

And who made you sect leader and gave you the authority to act on the behalf of the entire Steinberg user community?

Have you considered the fact that the opinion of those who are disappointed with the CB9 update is just as valid as yours? Everyone has a right to express their own opinion, without running the risk of being harassed or insulted. That’s democracy!

Furthermore, Those who complain probably does “love” Cubase as much, or even more, than you do. They just hate to see their “beloved” DAW, in their mind, deteriorate!

The only thing I was waiting for is HiDPI support. But Cubase 9 is still a blurry low-DPI mess. Period.

I’m running C9 on an old GTX500 series nvidia card with 2 x22" dell monitors at 1680x1050…with 25 foot monitor cables [my system is in a tech room at the other side of the studio]…no ghosting or latency…clear as a bell…


I’m being a little pedantic here but, it’s not really deteriorating, Unless you rely on 32 bit plugins. It just didn’t live up to your hopes.

Myself, I did find the discontinuation of the bit bridge to be kind of a step in the wrong direction even though I don’t use anything 32 bit. I guess I’d feel different if there was some notable improvement in stability that I could credit the plugin sentinel for.

Aside from that and the removal of a few keyboard shortcuts for toggling certain parts of the UI (as a consequence of the new zones) I think it’s hard to deny that C9 is a step forward. Just a lot of people on here were hoping for different improvements or whatver.

To that end, yeah, this forum is a little heavy on the whining. Cubase definitely has its moments of “I can’t believe they still haven’t added/fixed/changed this” when compared against other DAWs, but for me at least I have way more moments of admiring how much more sophisticated it is than other stuff I’ve worked with.

Edit: I’ll say this though. They must have improved performance. I always got great performance with Cubase on my main machine, especially compared to, say, Studio One. But I’m halfway through mixing a project right now… 44 tracks, all with plugins (by the time I’m done splitting things up into separate tracks for different processing it’ll be around 70 probably) and I just realized my interface is still at tracking latency settings. Minimum latency, 64 samples buffer, tons of plugins, and my CPU load is about 40%. Bravo, Steinberg.

Tee hee, by the second response you already had the definitive answer to your question: :laughing:

Of course it is, but that’s what makes it fun! You have to understand that some people take great offense at having the means to produce amazing music using only a laptop. In times gone by, regardless of musical ability, one would have had to have access to facilities and equipment worth millions in order to create the indelible record of one’s greatness for future generations; the lack of such access was a convenient excuse to bemoan the fact that one was an unrecognised genius.

Enter innovative software developers like Steinberg in the 1980’s that revolutionised that prcess with MIDI sequencers and ultimately democratised it fully with VST technology. This did not sit well with the closet superstar who had been held back all those years, prevented from realising true star potential by short-sighted A&R men and bean-counters who wouldn’t finance the studio time required to record that mega-hit. A new excuse had to be found!

With advancing technology and the advent of the internet, a new concept of user-to-user communications emerged, first in the form of so-called “bulletin boards” and then the ubiquitious internet forum, where the downtrodden could vent their spleens totally isolated from both reality and accountability, thanks to the anonymity such fora granted (and yes, the plural of “forum” is “fora”; go back and revise your Latin!).

Some would argue that the day of the internet forum is over, but the Cubase forum, now in its 3rd (or 4th?) incarnation, stands as a monument to those keyboard warriors whose last bastion of musical oppression, namely DAW instability, is quickly being eroded. As a tribute to these stalwarts, I offer my own list:


  1. The dongle is surely a micro-universe housing alien beings about to attack the planet
  2. Loopmash was written by a frozen embryo who’s sueing me
  3. Third-party plugins that crash Cubase must be a Cubase problem
  4. Playing games on my computer while expecting 1 mS latency is surely not too much to ask
  5. I can’t possibly start a new project when an update is a mere 18 months away
  6. The 234 GB of spyware, viruses and cracks I have loaded could not possibly be the problem
  7. The equivalent of a $10 million studio complex on my laptop is going to cost me how much?
  8. It doesn’t look good which probably explains the awful sound
  9. My awful internet connectivity excuses me making death threats to those who offer help
  10. I just paid less than I would spend on a Saturday night clubbing, and Cubase 9 has the old SX logo? Seriously?

See you all in the lounge, where I think this topic is headed …

Yay! Way to go, Tim, 6 posts in and you’re already standing up for the entire Steinberg user community. That’s the spirit!

I rest my case …

Not the best.
There a things to do make it better.

Still not midi drop into the chordpads -1
Transport section in the middle of 2 screens -1

Your quotation is broken (the closing quote pseudotag is probably missing), so a part of my comment is displayed as a part of your one (hint: you can fix that by editing your comment). For the rest, I’m not sure what you intended to say.

Hi all,
In general, I agree with the quality of Cubase Pro 9, but with one major exception.
That exception is VST Connect, and Connect Pro, which I bought when it launched.
Since I installed the CBP 9 update, the usually quirky VST Connect Pro has become totally unusable, unless I trash prefs prior to using the software.
My view is that, because this happens since the update, then surely it’s an update issue?
So to sum up, I am happy with some of CBP 9, but it should be all!!!

Jim B

Did you install the VST Connect 4?

Do you mean the UN ADVERTISED version 4.0.1?

Yep, several times via uninstall & reinstall!!

There is a full post in the VST Cloud forum outlining the unbelievably poor performance of Steinberg in relation to VST Connect Pro.

As I say there, I am waiting for a solution but I’m not holding my breath.

Jim B

Yes, I stand up and defend “the entire Steinberg user community”, and the rest of the world as well. Everyone, everywhere, should have the right to their own opinion and to express it (as long as they don’t offends any one else’s character. That is democracy. Anything else is totalitarianism! And the rest of us live in a democratic society, with freedom of speak.

Why is it so hard for some of your to show respect for your fellow members on this forum.

I agree.

But that also means accepting the freedom for others to disagree with you and even offend you (as long as within legal limits). The OP disagrees with certain views and tone expressed by unhappy users and you have no right (based on your own mantra) to deny him that point of view.

It’s great that you’re enjoying the latest version of Cubase, but to call it a ‘great release, period’ dismissing many users who are quite clearly having issues isn’t helpful.

Also remember this wasn’t a free upgrade, many users have paid a lot of money to Steinberg over the years and are still waiting for certain bugs to be fixed, or half implemented features to be completed.

If you buy something and discover problems with it, surely you’re allowed to complain?

To the original poster’s initial statement:
Some complaints are 1000% justified while other complaints are completely lame.

You are absolutely correct, with one exception. You never have the right to offend another because you disagree with him/her. You do have the right to challenge his/hers opinion, as long as you do this in an objective manner, and refrain from insults and attacks on personal character.

You, falsely, accuse me of denying the OP to voice his opinion. I have done no such thing. He is free to express it, but I have challenge his insult to the rest of the commodity, and done so in an objective fashion. Therefore, I have lived up to “my mantra” (as you call it).

I am a firm believer in the freedom of opinion and the the right to express it (in an objective and respectful manner). It doesn’t matter if it’s on a forum like this, or in the world at large. I would be ready to die to defend those principles if necessary!

I must take the opportunity to ask a question. Why do you defend one members “right” to offend other members?

Please keep politics out of this musical forum… you are disrespecting me with your political views and jargon… :stuck_out_tongue: