I don't understand "Erase background"

The background is not erased in the printouts. Do I understand the function wrong?
Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-06 um 13.55.39.png

It doesn’t work on stems because they’re not considered part of the musical background.
It’s somewhat confusing that it looks like it’s working when the dynamic is selected.

Thank you, Florian, for your answer!

Daniel, I think it would very useful to get also the possibility to erase stems.

Hope it will come soon the “erase background” property for time signatures to manage the ties that cross them.



Following the thread, I can suggest extending the Erase background to arpeggios (and glissandi lines, for example). They might not be considered as ‘background elements’, but in some editions, they are erased by text elements.
(Yes, you can actually ‘erase’ the background of an arpeggio sign by placing two of them—one per staff—and then changing in Engrave mode its Top and Bottom Y offset, as a workaround…)
Dorico now does a great job erasing the background near text elements, but some further implementation in this area—when considered—will be awesome!

Albert. :slight_smile:

Feature request: have erase background apply to measure numbers.

I just discovered the toggle to “hide bar number”.