I don't understand these changes (appearance, workflow)

  • In the “Aero” scheme everything is much bigger, starting with taskbar (and that reduces place for Cubase windows). Now I need to sit away from the screen. It also uses more CPU to get all this transparent borders/backgrounds that mainly distracts me (happily you can turn it off). -> Feature request: bring the standard window, even with standard menu, please.
  • The unability to resize main (“menu”) window is a problem for those with two screen setup. I have the not maximized MixConsole window, transport and vst performance on the second screen. When using Cubase Pro 8 all the icons and other windows (Explorer, browser, etc.) I have on the right side is between these windows. Big mess. When using previous versions, I had something you call now “desktop cover” on both screens. -> Feature request: bring the standard window, even with standard menu, please.
  • The idea of changing windows with Alt+Tab is so wrong. We could do it with Ctrl+Tab all the time. Now if I want to switch between Cubase and Firefox, I need to press Alt+Tab 3 times to get to Firefox, but only 1 time to get to Cubase. -> Feature request: bring the standard window, even with standard menu, please.
  • I’d love to have more display options with font size settings. The trackname font is too large for me (starting with C8). Also the partname font is very large. (I use 1680x1050 on two 22" screens.). -> Feature request: Font sizes in Preferences -> Appearance.
  • I’d love to have an ability to import settings from previously installed Cubase version. Including colors. Also predefined color setups from older Cubase versions would be appreciated (the one with white project window background). Feature request -> Color schemes on Preferences -> Appearance -> Colors tab.

I use Cubase since 1990, I love most of the changes, so please, don’t leave me with older versions… :wink:


Windows 10 will be free and out this year so you will not have to see that ugly Aero display anymore. I was happy with Cubase before version 8 and I think what they did was a huge waste of time and money.

I Agree with ya’ll…I Bought cubase 8 but still use the 7 version because of this

+1 for the colour schemes. I recently updated from Cubase Studio 4 to Cubase 8.5, and was shocked to see the UI lost its appeal altogether. The old one was dark, but not too dark, with the important controls sticking out in bright colours. The new one is too dark, greyish, dull. Luckily you can change the colours in the prefs, but it’s cumbersome. After an hour of tweaking the colours now look ok, but still the old UI looked better…