I Enjoy the Steinberg Videos

It’s seems like such a happy place where Steinberg is. Almost like another world, like a soap opera…

I’m referring to the video on the homepage of steinberg.net where the friendly dude walks around the studio checking out whatz happenin’

It’s my new happy place.

Hahaha…product videos are always funny. I particulary like the part where the studio engineer starts talking - like a total sales pitch completely out of the blue :stuck_out_tongue: Like somebody pressed a button on his neck.

What puts me off the most is the music they use - like 80’s jazz pop with chorused pianos and all. :smiley:

Oh well…it’s just a product video. Looks like a great update so who gives…

My fav product presentations are the Propellerhead Reason Videos. A sense of humour takes away the sting of the sales pitch.
Looking forward to the C6 upgrade big time!!

I love those videos. Also the ones from Cubase 5. I spent a couple of different months in Germany touring and there is a serious yet artistic culture there unlike the states. And the dark, rainy vibe just invites creativity for me. I love it. Great video Steinberg!

Wow, I thought the video seemed more like a parody. I mean really? Visiting a “studio” … could they find a bigger shit hole? And godz, how awful was the music. If it wasn’t officially on the front page of their site, I would have thought it was a joke video.

I liked the “studio” video. I think it’s quite tongue in cheek, and does the job fine.

The “studio” reminded me of my own first rehearsal studio, exept that there there was only a Tascam 144 and an analogue delay. Reverb was acheived by sending to the spring on a PA amp. Admittedly the likeness was reinforced as that studio had a quayside location too.

Like it or not, the growth area in the recording industry is in small scale “project” studios, and artists having their own dedicated recording resources. The “studio” environment portrayed in the video simply trys to reflect that.

lol indeed…the written out dialogues and acted out parts , also by the staff itself, are absolutely delicious :mrgreen:
but that´s what happens when corporate minds try to analyze and emulate and come up with their version of the “coolness / street factor”…steiny probably went out and tried to sample it hehe. They´ll probably use it for a new plugin for C7 :mrgreen:
add the brainstorming conference with the creative minds of the superhip marketing strategy team :ugeek: from “dynamic & young” et voilà…picture the storyboard:

Young, cool, not too extrovert, interested but somewhat naive and unexperienced man ( so that the larger and beginner audience can easily identify and is not feeling too left out) ventures into the mysterious world of music production and is overwhelmed by the high tech he encounters on his way. He sees hip and busy pro looking and acting musicians using an impressively mysterious and intricate body language and terminology in a flabbergastingly hitech surrounding. He then engages in direct and awe inducing communication with the specialists that master the forces at play in that creative temple, and is deeply impressed by the vast array of endless possibilities and perfection of the tool they are using to express their creative urge and power…Cubase 6!

not the actor´s fault btw. Actors only do what they are told to do. There´s no other way to act out a cheesy part than…cheesily.

sorry, feeling a bit cynical these days… :mrgreen:

It would have been much better if the band had all had been playing loopmash on their macbook airs.

“johny here is one of the finest glitch players in the world” and no one can do an “itz itz ahh” like steve over there.

LOL!!! +1

i was waiting for him to say something like… ‘we’re just calibrating the flange with the vu meters’ or something equally as daft :smiley:

Thanks for the posts about this “serious” subject. My own “cheesy back to music actor” post was erased. There are more than me who finds this acting a bit stiff. But hey, both bad and good commercial are good.

If any of those guys came anywhere near a studio by me they’d be in wedgies for a couple of weeks. :smiling_imp: :mrgreen:

I like the parts of the other videos when Steinberg narrator guy keeps repeating: “We invented ASIO and VST” and “after all we invented VST so we’ve got you covered” phrases.

hehe, that was funny