I entered my download access code in the wrong account

Just bought Cubase Pro12. I actually have two steingbergs account. I entered the access code in the wrong account (not the one I bought cubase 12 with), and when I try to open cubase it’s says “no licence found”. Then if I try to enter the code on the right account (the one I bought cubase with), it tells me “this code has already been used by another user” (me). I am stuck, what can I do ?

The Steinberg Store and MySteinberg accounts are separate.

Please run the Steinberg Activation Manager and sign-in with your other MySteinberg account.

If you need help with transferring licenses between accounts, please contact Steinberg Support:

Thank you so much, I actually didn’t think to sign in with my other account on the activation manager… It works now, thank you so much ! Have a blessed day.