Hi guys, or shall I say my staves feel depressed. Please take a look at the attached picture and tell me how to fix this…if possible. Does Dorico not have an auto format feature that format a score and parts…which is what we were lead to believe?

Allow me to paraphrase (put in my words):

“…If a user have to edit the score and parts, the software failed in it’s task…”

Don’t worry, I still LOVE this toddler! :slight_smile:

Hans Nel

Looks like you just simply need to reduce the size of the staves. From page setup, layout options, page setup, space size. Adjust to fit to paper, and you should be set.

Hi Hans, don’t be depressed! Dorico is a great entertainer, but not a mind reader. Tell him your paper size and do what Kevin suggests :slight_smile:

Greetings from the freezing north…

LOL! I was actually referring to depressed staves! But, ok, this situation does cause a bit depressing. :smiley:

Love you guys, THANK YOU!!

PS. Hey fratveno…seems we are becoming friends. Why not put up an avatar of a selfie. I like to see the person I’m speaking to. Just if you want to. :smiley:

No THAT’s better, now I know who I’m talking to! :slight_smile:

fratveno, you LOVE Noteperformer because of it’s intelligence and auto features.

Should Dorico not be that "clever: as well.

Besides, I also ONLY use Noteperformer in Sibelius!

Keep well

Hans, the reason NotePerformer works so well, is not because of its intelligence alone, it’s because it can apply that intelligence to a 100% known entity…its own sound library.