I feel my song sounds like crap!

Listen and tell me. What is so wrong with this song!?


IS the timeing off? I am listening to phil collins and my song sounds like crap compared to it. Like horrable.

I wouldn’t say it’s crap at all!
I was listening on headphones so my notes on the mix may not be entirely accurate, but here are my findings:

The bass was too loud and it’s drowning the mix a little.
The brass is not very convincing, I think it should come up a bit and have more punch.
The snare could use a bit more high mids to give it some crisp.

In the fadeout at the end you can here there’s quite a bit of noise coming from one or several of your tracks. See if you can find which one and filter it out. This low frequency rumble is clogging up the mix probably, it is easier for you to mix the song if you get rid of it.

Nice song, I really like it. What did you use on the vocal?

On vocals I used waves ssl 4000 compressor EQ 10 and lexicon reverb. Thx man! And recorded on a AKG C214

Is the rumble comming from the bassguitar? I always has a problem with the low end bass.