I feel so STUPID asking this... :/

Hi all.

Let’s begin with the truth; I have spent almost all my Cubase 5/6 era life being drunk and diong music and somehow I have managed to even accomplish something.

Anyway now that I’m being sober and feel happy about it, I really have started for the first time wondering about all the different aspects and technologies in Cubase.

These are my issues and yes - don’t blame me stupid, I just wanna FINALLY know that what these are, how to use them etc.:

  1. Installation on Halion Symphonic Orchestra:

I tried installing the HSO directly via the DVD’s that were shipped with Cubase 6. You know, I do have also my old Cubase 5 DVD’s which include HSO also. But I started wondering while reinstallating my PC (and Cubase of course) that “do I really need those Cubase 5 HSO DVD’s altogether?”.

OK, so I tried installing it only via the Cubase 6 HSO DVD and not use the original C5 HSO DVD’s at all. It turns out that by doing it this way, it actually doesn’t install HSO at all; it only installs *.vstsound archives.

When I then uninstalled this installation and started from the beginning with C5 shipped HSO DVD’s and AFTER THAT continuing from where I initially started (straight from the C6 shipped HSO DVD), then HSO worked.

But what bothers me is this:

  • When installing fro C5 HSO DVD’s, it installs *.HSB files and when installing further from the C6 DVD, it installs *.VSTSOUND files ??? I’m all confused at this point.

And one of my stupid questions that I haven’t earlier been thinking of is: what are those HSO *.vstsound files and how to use them?

Since only those *.HSB files turned out to be “real” HSO instruments (that is, installed from the C5 HSO DVD’s) and C6 shipped HSO DVD doesn’t contain HSB-files at all - only VSTSOUND-files.

I eventually had to copy all the HSB-files under a single directory and then choose “Locate Content” from the HSO plugin and it worked well. I’m still wondering that what are these HSO VSTSOUND-files used for? Are they meant to be a kind of a “new way” of using HSO and that those HSB-files are not needed at all? Then if this is the case then I don’t know how to use them.

AND, what if I hadn’t purchased Cubase 5 many years ago?? Then I couldn’t use HSO at all?!?! Or could I??

Is HSO some kind of an obsolete software/plugin that C6 isn’t shipped with all the media needed to use it? Or - again - if I would have to use it via those VSTSOUND-files then again I don’t just know how. The only way that I have managed to get HSO working, is to install it first from the original C5 shipped DVD’s and then installing all the updates and additional content from C6 HSO DVD’s. I just still don’t know if I have any use of those VSTSOUND files which are only installed via C6 HSO DVD’s.

Anyway my HSO works file - even if it looks quite different (the user interface) than how it’s showed on Cubase site. I guess it’s that C5 older version that I’m now using… But when trying to initially start installing HSO from C6 DVD’s it - like I said - turned out to not install the actual plugin.

So isn’t HSO supported anymore? Is HALion Sonic (SE) supposed to replace HSO or some other plugin? I just don’t have any clue how I could ever use HSO if I hadn’t got those C5 DVD’s… I really must be understanding something wrong here and I really do need clarification.

I’m pretty poor trying to find info on Forums and by googling so I wanted to get a clear answer and write right here in the Cubase forum. This is what it’s for, right??

OK, if I sounded stupid asking all these questions then I’m sorry but try to bear with me and try to explain somebody please all this to me like you’d be teaching a six-year old kid.

Thank you my friends and happy Cubasing!

-Tommi Tiihonen


  • CUBASE 6.5.4
  • Halion Symphonic Orchestra 1.5.2
  • iZotope Ozone RX2 Advanced (mastering)
  • Groove Agent 3

  • MSI Z77A-GD65 Motherboard
  • Intel i7-K3770 processor @ 4,5GHz
  • 16GB of DDR3 RAM @ 1800MHz
  • Media drive: RAID 0 - two 250GB Corsair SATA3 SSD’s (1GB/s read & write)
  • System drive: Corsair Force 120GB SSD SATA3 (400MB/s read & write)
  • Backup drive: RAID 0 - three WD Black series HD’s (350MB/s read & write)
  • Presonus Inspire 1394 Firewire sound interface
  • 2 * 24" BenQ HDMI monitors
  • Graphics: ATI RADEON HD5770 (2 outputs)
  • 3GB WD External USB3 drive (backup)

What the hell did I have to mention those here?? :smiley:


Try to read this knowledge base. It will answer to lots of your questions, about HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

Yes :slight_smile:
(but for you “quick info”, the .hsb files are the source files for the original Halion Symphonic Orchestra plugin, whereas the VSTsound files are to be used in HALion Sonic (or HALion Sonic SE).