I Feel Stupid Asking This Question...

I wasn’t even sure how to search for it!

I opened a saved project and I noticed that the gray side-scroll bar that normally appears at the bottom of the mix window (when the number of tracks requires side-scrolling) was not there. Did I inadvertently deselect it? I’ve never seen this happen before.

I looked and I can’t seem to figure out what happened. :blush:

Any tips?

Its there for me when the window is maximized. I don’t know if it can be deselected. Also I picked up a tip from the Groove 3 tutorial ,if you have a scroll wheel mouse and place the cursor on the far right empty space ,you can scroll the mixer

Aloha G,

As long as you have done your best to search
and try to find an answer, IMHO no question is stupid.

Re your question:
I believe there are some ‘known’ graphics issues
that were discovered early on when C7 was released
and your prob sounds like it might be related.

An update I am sure will fix many issues.
Let’s hope the current graphic probs are among those fixes.


Good tip.

Thanks for the comments, folks.

Btw, the other mixer views show the side-scroll bar just fine. Odd. :confused: