I feel stupid just asking this question


For the life of me I cant find a setting in Cubase 10, I’ve come from Sonar where its as an easy thing to spot but my learning curve with Cubase has shown me that while its a much better product its not as intuitive and you have to know where to look for things, plus the online help is not that great either.

I know its a dumb question but please someone tell me how to turn on’ On Stop, Rewind’ so it bounces back to where the play started from. I feel a fool asking this, I actually work in IT and software, but just cant find that setting, its driving me nuts.


Preferences - Transport

Thats it. I was looking all over the toolbars etc, it would be a handy setting to have available via the normal transport interface where you can just turn it on and off instead of having to set it as a preference.

I know in Sonar it would have been something when going through a track and editing that I would toggle quite often


You can simply assign it to a key command. Some more things to learn about Cubase. :wink:

Hi Svenn

Thats actually a nice way of doing it, leave it on the normal setting , but a handy key assigned for it to drop back when needed. Great for going through a track and editing automation etc.


Don’t feel stupid. My goodness, the number of things that confused me when I started was ridiculous. However when you get your head round it all becomes second nature.