I forgot "mySteinberg" account completely!

Hey there,

I try to register my eLiecenser(for Cubase Artist 6), but returns an error, the specific eLicenser its already registered.

Additionally i have lost the cd with Cubase Artist 6, i want to upgrade in the Cubase 9.

Can you help please, about both issues?

Thanks in advance,

You don’t remember/have access to any of your old email addresses that you used at the time?

The only way I know of, is to contact support about it.

You only need the USB key to update to Cubase 9. No installation or CDs needed.

Hey Steve,

Yeah, i try with all of my emails that i remember so far, but with no luck at all.

Can you please suggest me a way to re-activate my exist license with the current account? I have the licenser usb stick, i want to upgrade my Artist 6 to 9 pro!

If your CB 6 license is already on the USB dongle then you should be all set and no reactivation would be necessary. Just install your software (CB 6) to use it. When you want to upgrade just purchase the correct software, install it, and it should work (make sure the dongle is connected).

If your eLicenser dongle is giving you issues, install the latest eLicenser software and run the maintenance. Run the eLicenser as administrator if it still is giving you issue. After that… if still having issues, then a support request to Steinberg is necessary. To fix your MySteinberg account, as Steve said, contact Steinberg support.

Regards. :sunglasses: