I forgot what clicks and pops sound like?

Hello. This is another “it’s been many years since I did this” post. I vaguely remember what clicks and pops sound like. I do remember that they tend too be ugly and clearly noticeable. What I don’t remember is, if audio is dropping out does it tend to be frequent throughout a recording? Facts: I set the buffer number to 64. Bottom line, my PC was built in late 2013 and it’s screaming fast. I figured it could handle that setting.

I just recorded a 12" and it seemed to turn out OK. However, its a record and it has it’s own pops and a noise floor. Basically, should I be able to distinguish between audio drop outs and the pops and hiss from the record? My gut says the recording turned out fine; but again it’s been years since I’ve heard dropouts, so I’m not sure what to listen for.

Any comments? Thanks in advance.

This post is a bit confusing but one way to test if your computer is causing clicks and pops, is to playback a silent audio file and listen for pops and clicks. Or, playback a file that is known to be free of pops and clicks.

If you hear a pop or click in the recording in question, closely analyze to see if pops and clicks keep happening in the exact same spot. If so, they’re probably the in recording, if not it’s probably your computer/sound card configuration.

iZotope RX3 DeClicker is excellent for removing random pops and clicks that exist within a stereo mix or master due to a bad edit, clocking error, mouth sounds, or other random clicks and pops.

Thanks. I remember this^ tip/trick now. The recording was fine.