I Found An Angel

“I Found an Angel” is my May 2018 song. Feel free to give feed back.



As I look out my window - I can see the sun
I could look up and see - the stars that shine at night
And when I see her eyes - I see all heavens done
I found an angel - much to my delight


I found an Angel

With long brown hair and hazel eyes
I found an angel
With a smile that compares with heavens sky
The stars the moon the sun and all the rest
I found and Angel - she fits right in with heavens best

I have walked through a meadow of perfect flowers
I have climbed a maintain - with trees that touch the sky
And when I see your face - I know all heavens power
I found an angel - this I won’t deny

Repeat chorus

Now some may say - she’s just not real
I’m just a silly fool who lost his mind
But when she’s in my arms - it’s heaven that I feel
That’s enough for me - so it much be them that’s blind

Gives out The Monkeys vibes, doesn’t it?

Feels like a soundtrack to a movie, you know, the kind that’s featured in a YouTube movie trailer, and the comments below go “what’s that song?”, “anyone knows the song?”

Terry, nice job, I am always sent back to the sixties with these wonderful recordings. Good mix!

Very Nice song. But as for me too slowly. I would like it to be faster. in justinscafe we had musician who play some thing like that