I found suitable symbol in Bravura font but have scaling issue

I found suitable symbol in Bravura font but have scaling issue. I mean
i seem i found finally 2 or maybe even 3 way (and way what is recommend not either ways what Dorico panel supports directly this circle with diagonal line) notate Hihat Half open. but i now i have issue if i need scale symbol symbol same size what Open symbol is (i mean circle part is same size). i go nuts becouse editing Open symbol i see it 100% size. also this new one is 100% size but much bigger. scaling using eye is really time consuming and very hard also drawing line top Open comes my mind but founding line thickness what surely show (in all notation sizes) and looks part of font is also hard. Also if i do new Open symbol is bigger i want follow old size. Also think if using other font solves this? (i found font what have symbol what i mean its November 2.3)
I show there size difference i opened Open symbol and added this other symbols: (font actually have 2 or maybe 3 versions but at least these two but i dont found third what i think also seen)

Any ideas?

The half-diminished chord symbol U+E871 (2nd in your screenshot) seems to match the size (and very nearly the line weight) of the open hi-hat circle U+E7F8 when scaled to 60%. Just change the Y to 60 and it scales uniformly.

The glyphs for brass half-valve technique U+E5EF and wind rim-only U+E60B both match size at 96%. They are a closer match for the line weight but in each the slash doesn’t extend outside the circle. Is your 3rd symbol from a different font?

If you want to use a custom symbol in all your future documents you can modify a symbol and then click the :star: button near the bottom to save it as default. Am I understanding your question right?

Mayne in BravuraText. Looks like i need also new font. Makes me think Open Symbol code.(i found it checked its size) is U+E91B and also different. then all means.Now looks correct answer my problem is suitable font and Dorico Pro. Then becouse these are other use symbols even look close this case is solved and i earlier undertanded Bravura font does not have it becouse it not part of SmuFL standard.