I freaking Love Cubase Pro

That’s all I want to say - have a good day


When it works, it’s great.

That’s why we get frustrated when it crashes.

I understand. I’m the same. But I’ve experienced very few crashes for nearly the last year. It wasn’t always like that. I feel it’s a case of stabilising your system and routing out which plugins cause issues. And then being really careful when ever installing new plugins and operating systems. Do thorough tests during downtime etc.

Yeah it’s the “being really careful” when installing VST plugins that i resent.

Cubase / VST should be way more robust against plugins being able to bring down the whole DAW.

And these plugins I’m installing, are not ancient, or cracked, or home-made.

They are latest paid releases from name developers. eg. iZotope (Nectar3), OhmBoyz, Oeksound Soothe2, TC Electronic LM2n, which can crash the whole DAW. … Even Waves or Soundtoys will crash Cubase, if I reorder inserts by dragging too quickly … And in every case, when I contact the plugin developer, they say it’s Steinberg’s fault. I even changed my video card after Steinberg suggested some plugins confict with Cubase HiDPI driving Nvidia cards (!). Didn’t help.

All this nonsense about having to delete and reconfigure preferences, every update, and often in-between? I don’t believe this is file corruption at the system level. It’s flaws in the preferences parser. Cubase itself, in many ways, is just not robust and stable. There are known issues that have been reported for years and never get addressed. I am irritated hundred of times a day by a stupid bug where the sizing tool turns into the draw tool for no reason and can’t be changed back until I hit save. (no I didn’t trigger a shortcut. maybe it’s related to autosave? anyway, it’s a bug and it’s been there since C9. and yes I have deleted my preferences, key commands and macros. yes I have tried another keyboard.). I think, when an upgrade goes on sale, the release notes should explicitly list all the well-documented known issues that have deliberately NOT been addressed.

There’s bugs around freezing and unfreezing, where channels stay locked even after they’ve been unfrozen. Or all the routing is lost after unfreeze. That’s a showstopper, so I have to do save-as before and after every major operation, and even then I often lose 15mins or so rolling back to an earlier version.

Apart from that, it’s great :slight_smile:

I use those plugins, apart from TC, and many many many more. Usually the top tier third party plugins are fine. I’m surprised you’re having issues with them. Not sure what system you use though, but I’m on a Mac, and it seems that Apple Macs work much more smoothly than PCs judging by the volume of PC related issues.

I am on windows. I think a lot of the problems are related to Cubase HiDPI implementation on Windows. One of Steinberg support’s suggestions was to disable high DPI, which does helps, but when you have two 4K monitors that’s ridiculous.