I get a different sound when I record midi on play back

Hey guys I’ve just switched to Cubase from Pro Tools to write for film and I just wished I did it sooner.

But I have two problems.
The first issues is when I’m using a midi track to signal a vst from a instrument channel, if I play on my midi controller (keystation pro by usb) it sounds fine, same if I enter midi notes with the mouse but if I record the midi, on playback the sound has been altered. it sounds like its either heavily EQ’ed or has a chorus effect. As far as I can tell there are no effects on anywhere, it’s purely the vst and the midi track (nothing added).

The second is that I can’t seem to open any video files, the browsers just says the Cubase doesn’t support this file, but the thing is that it says this with Mpeg4 and QuickTime’s so if these common formats won’t work, what will???

I really appreciate anyone who helps

Windows 7 64bit , M-audio lt1010, M-audio Keystation 88 pro, Cubase 5.5.2, 6 eastwest library’s, Komplete 7

p.s I tried posting this in the virtual instrument section but nobodys has gotten back to me and I realy need the help

Hmmm is it a subtle or very apparent thing? Do you have any effects routed to the Master bus? Are there any effects on the audio track of the instrument? I’m not sure what you problem could be. I belive you can only import Quicktime into Cubase if I remember correctly. I’d try another Quicktime render to see if that works.


well I think it’s very apparent (as in a none musical person could hear it) and I have no buss’s anywhere. All I have done is
Opened Cubase, load an instrument channel with Play (eastwest sampler engine), add a midi track, assign it to play and then if I write or play anything it’s good, if I record midi on playback it sounds like it stuck in a pipe (no mids).
could it possible Cubase is recording a parameter its not meant to from the controller?

And in regards to the video problem it turned out I just needed to install QuickTime on my pc, Now it works great.

Couple of things to check, make sure you dont have the control room turned on and also have the main L/R outputs routed to the same output.

Make sure the midi track has not got double notes all over it.

As Split suggests, sounds like a routing problem - one possibility is there might be doubling of the output. Often this happens if you have both the Main out, and a monitor out from the Control Room, feeding the same pair of outputs.