I get loud audio pops after I hit stop in Cubase 11 [Trial]

Hi, I get loud pops every time I hit stop in cubase 11.

do you see them as peaks or only hear them?

Yes I see them as peaks and hear them…

What kind of microphone do you use?

I’m not recording I’m editing/arranging…

ok… more info please

in specific projects ?

What happens if you set up a totally new and blank project ?

Hi, I just opened a blank project used a new wave file played, stopped. Pop happens after I press the spacebar. I

what buffer size ?

do you have any older versions installed and do they do the same pop ?

The buffer size I’m using now is 512. But I tried higher buffer size 1024. And I still got pops.
No Cubase 10.5 didn’t do that for me.

What happens if you not using the space bar to stop playback?

Transport controls does the same.

Just some guesses now…have you tried deleting your preferences or starting in safe mode ?

If you do delete preferences then C11 will try to recreate them from your 10.5 install so you might want to do some renaming before you start C11

How do I delete preferences?

your preferences are stored at:
“\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\”
“program name” will be something like cubase11_x64 or similar - just rename it

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I did like you told me the pops are gone thank you!

Very sorry but they are back now…

so close !

anything change between ‘pop free’ and ‘pop’ ?

No I just reopened a blank project and rendered a new midi file from a synth and played it back… it pops after I hit stop…

Do you still have version 10.5 installed - can you try the same test ?