I goofed and need help converting audio files!

Hi all. I recorded project in 96/32 float bit. I then started a new project in same folder with new rate of 44.1/16 and Cubase asked if I wanted to convert files and I accidentally hit YES. So all my audio recorded at 96/32 got converted to 44.1/16 and now sound like chipmunks! I am praying this was not a destructive edit. I tried to use UNDO and history but no trace. Please help!

Well if you converted the files it is very specifically a file conversion…so there is no undo for that.

Your options are to convert them again or to run that project at 44.1k.

Just a thought. One of the questions asked when converting sample rates is whether to Keep or Replace the files. I think that if you chose Keep, then the original files should show in the Poll and Audio folder? I know it’s a coin toss, but will be worth checking anyway. If not, Grim’s post has your remaining options I am afraid.

One more general comment (other posters please don’t shoot me). Unless the audio material is very demanding or you have very exceptional ears, the practical quality difference is usually small. I find most people can’t tell mp3 from wav which is a huge jump, let alone 44.1 to 96k. Good luck!