I got moves like the golden girls

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


lol, nice :slight_smile:

The mix’s got too much bass. Both the kickdrum and the bass should come down a bit. The vocal can come up a bit in their stead, as well as the guitars. Sounds like you used a bit much compression on the vocals. cymbals and hats could use some more highs and I wouldn’t mind some reverb to create slightly longer tails on the crashes.

Nice doubling on the vocals btw, sounds good.

Nice job, agree with Strophoid about too much low end; kick really is loud. An homage to Golden Girls? Really?

Got no clue who to listen to. Seems like some music have the low end bass and some dont. Like some Bruno Mars(It will rain) songs have really deep low end. While Red Hot Chillie peppers dont have that low end. But when I hear my music on a Bose subwoffer system it`s sounds ok but there is to much bass. But then again my dad(with the subwoffersystem) complains that there is too much bass on al(all other artists)l songs on that system. ???

A Bose system is great for listening music on, but not really for judging mixes. They greatly ‘enhance’ the sound and don’t really represent it truly. I suggest finding a ‘flatter’ system to listen on. What speakers do you use with your Cubase PC?

The guys on here all have pro or semi pro monitoring systems that reproduce bass fairly naturally, consumers on the other hand do not and appear to have an almost endless appetite for bass. I bought a couple of Behringer cans as backups the other day, detailed for the price but have far too much bass emphasis, goggling for reviews I ended up on a DJ site where all the wannabe DJ’s complained that they did not have enough bass :open_mouth:

I would personally think that the bass on your track is slightly too pronounced, but I hear plenty of commercial tracks that are similar or even worse and I would think your taste in the matter is the ultimate judgement, remember that most people in the demographic that would buy that song will not be listening to it on a system that has a subwoofer.

Did you get permission to use the footage?

Does anyone know why my Bose speakers (companion 5 usb plug in) are not working when i use cubase Le 4 they work with windows media player i cant seem to find any setting in cubase to activate them

Lol, that goes to show the search function isn’t always perfect :wink:.
Anyway, you’re going to need an ASIO driver for those speakers, and I very much doubt Bose provides them. Solution if they don’t: install ASIO4all and use that driver in Cubase.

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