I got my grace period update to Cubase 7

Thanks SB, looking most forward to what seems a groundbreaking update!

Thanks Steinberg. Ran “maintenance” on the eLicenser. It now says Cubase 7.

I was a Cubase 4 user. Bought a 6.5 updgrade for £140 on November 14th, registered it. Cubase 7 now. Result.

Now just waiting for the download page to generate…

My speed is rocketing at 1.72mb/second on HSPA+ (dual channel) awesome.

Edit: maxing now at 2mb/sec.

…now downloading the Cubase 7 updater…

Once again, thanks Steinberg. You did good.

I still get errors running the maintenance?? :unamused:

Maybe try flushing your DNS cache.

If you are on windows, open CMD via run menu and type:

ipconfig /flushdns

Download the lastest vesion of the elisence software?

Me downloading as well now!

Hi Folks,
I’m irritated; somewhere on the forum it reads the download content of the C 7 Update will be about 2 GB (for users of C 6.5).
At the moment, I’m downloading the only available download file entitled Cubase 7.0.0. Core installer.

It has only 315 MB.

is this the file I’m looking for?

Should i install it and the installer will automatically downlodad the rest of the content ? :confused:

To both questions, probably not, it is only for people without internet on their DAW (or so I believe).

Thanks, reinstall the latest elicense software helped. Now it works! :slight_smile:


again, patience is required - a virtue I’ve lost somewhere half on the way in the process of raising my kids. :mrgreen:

One problem - the link to download the Mac version is giving me a 404.

Edit - it’s back up now. Downloading that one now…

Hi there, im trying to download the Cubase 7 installer for Mac from my grace period link, however its giving me a 404. Same happens with the Windows link…

Could anybody at steinberg please fix the website ???