i got problem with import audio sample

whot happend i don’t know but in few days after i start use the cubase 7.5 when i try to import audio sample from :file , audio bay , or audio pull i can’t listen first is no sound comming but its showing me that sample is played - i completly don’t know whot the issue with that??? Please help enyone

Chirs !!!

this looks familiar with previous topics.

Check if under devices>vst connections>studio tab the control room is enabled ?
If yes: disable it and your monitoring of the media bay will be back.

simple rule: if you do not have a complete studio, don’t use the control room. It makes things much more complicated.

If this isn’t a solution, then report back with your connections used and audio configuration.

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I will try this wey thanks for you’r kind tip :slight_smile:


this is the endresult to have data audible and recordable

this is the input setting

this is the output setting.
note that due to the trackchange track 1 is unarmed now, from this you have to set things like in the first screenshot and then it is working for sure

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