I gotta say -- the project window is too busy looking.

fair enough, everyone’s got their own opinion…

totally disagree though, i do suffer from eye strain cos i use computers pretty much all day, and i find the new gui easier on the eye…

plus i think it looks more pro that before, my brother’s on logic and i always thought that looked better…not anymore tho…

I agree with Konumdrum - to me the new GUI looks much cleaner and more professional, and for the first time since SX1 I’ve not felt the need to adjust the display options.


I think completely the opposite, I think the arrange window looks much less fussy than before, and I mixer I think is better optically, but I would really like to fill my second monitor with it.


+1 Same here. Looks great to me…

Is it no option for you to disable show tracknames in preferences ?
I always arrange with minimal zoom vertically because I have a lot of tracks.
When I first started with C6 I was frightened: no partnames visible at all anymore on minimal height !
But with good colorizing I can find eveything now easy. Even so easy that I have disabled show part names in preferences now, finding the main projectwindow more clearifying.
I enlarge only the track I want to edit, and can see without names showing up, the midinotes and waves clearly at the start.

Do you really need to see the names of the parts when moving them at smaller views?

+1 for the new interface. Once you switch there is no way back, at least for me.

What does it matter if it’s unusable? From what I’ve read, it’s very pretty.

Try just sitting still and looking at it, admiring its elegance – instead of engaging in all that stuff about moving MIDI parts, etc, and expecting the GUI to actually HELP you do that.

Such a lot of amateur users say it looks professional now - so it really doesn’t matter how well it works. All that usability rubbish is SO LAST YEAR; what matters TODAY is the look.

OK, so the new GUI may be harder to use and slow you down, but, surely, that’s a price worth paying for making it look nicer. You have to get your priorities right.

What’s so unusable to you that wasn’t before? Are you saying that all people who likes the new interface are amateurs?

Perhaps you should switch to another sequencer, or use an old, more “professional looking” version of Cubase, from your point of view.

The first line of my post included: “From what I’ve read …”. I haven’t got C6 yet and don’t intend to try using it til perhaps 6.1 or 6.2 when enough of the early problems have been resolved. I was just picking up on various points I’ve read about functionality being compromised alongside changes in the look of the GUI. And some of the detail related specifically to what the original poster had had to say.

No, I wasn’t saying that all people who liked the new interface were amateurs. But I do expect that a lot of the people who say it looks professional ARE actually amateurs - that’s just a guess - I have no way of knowing.

I wrote my post because my impression, based on several threads, has been that there are people who DO seem to care more about how it looks than how it works, even to the extent of preferring elegance over ergonomics. And, IMHO, that’s just plain silly.

I meant the post to be mildly amusing. I didn’t expect anyone to be offended by it.

Personally i quite like the new look… the change from VST5 to SX threw me for some time as the GUI redsign was radical to say the least. i’m red/green colour blind so maybe that has something to do with it but i do find the new GUI MUCH easier on the eyes for me… i also get CHRONIC migraines too lol and i find it causes me no problems at all.
Have to admit i’m looking forward to the new coloured fader caps and possible coloured channel strips… either or would be nice.
Yes there ARE some problems that need sorting with it though like the highly annoying behaviour when opening a folder track when cubase looses focus of the current lane!
But over all i do like the eye candy and find it an improvement for myself.

No, I wasn’t saying that all people who liked the new interface were amateurs. But I do expect that a lot of the people who say it looks professional ARE actually amateurs - that’s just a guess - I have no way of knowing

Genius…you say you didn’t mean to offend & then repeat what could be seen as the offensive part of your statement highlighted with a word (ARE) suggesting it’s now become fact & not just your own uninformed guess.

This is far more amusing than your previous post :mrgreen:

No. Not suggesting anything at all. As I said it IS my own uninformed guess. - Well, there I go again, using capitals, as I often do to make it clear how I would say a sentence aloud, because I think making the emphasis explicit can help (or speed) understanding. Please simply read my words and don’t put your own interpretation on them.

Anyway, I don’t see why you consider it offensive to call someone an amateur.

I see nothing offensive there.

What’s wrong with being an amateur?

I’m one.

If anyone should be taking offense at my original post, it is, IMHO, someone who thinks a “prettifying” change (to any software) more than compensates for a loss of functionality. That’s the notion that I was trying to satirise.

Please simply read my words and don’t put your own interpretation on them.

If you’re asking that I don’t interpret differently than you intended then sorry but that’s how I did interpret by reading the words you wrote…I have to interpret them somehow. That’s how reading works for me.

Agreed 100% that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an amateur … the use of the word is not at all insulting in itself.

The OP has described the GUI as “cartoonish” & “silly” & a few posts disagree but then you have suggested (at least in my interpretation of your words) that this is due to the fact that they ARE amateurs…do you not see that this combination of things COULD be seen as offensive.

BTW I already knew the meaning of the word without your dictionary definition thanks… I’m also an amateur language user.

Apologies for taking the thread off topic…I promise that’s it for me. :blush:

I really love the new arrange look and feel.
Excellent job Steinberg!

In C6, the event parts are not devided anymore in a part with name and a part with waveform.
Some think that’s more clear.
Also, in the key editor the black note lines do not show up clearly, when the Work Area is made darker.
It even becomes inversed when the Work Area is too dark.
That’s why I can’t make the Work Area as dark as I should wish.
But after some experimenting with the faders I have found a setting that I can live with.



Screen shots please.

Get your own.

It is my intention to assess for/against and as I don’t currently have C6 (waiting for 5.53 update) it would be helpful I believe to both myself and others.