I guess this would be the mixer graphic bug

I used G and H to zoom, restarted the program and the mixer still looks like this. Mixer 2 is fine


Resize and persisting issues
In some cases MixConsole does not restore its expected setup and proportions of elements within its different zones.

Redraw issues
In some cases, areas of MixConsole are not redrawn correctly. As a workaround please scale the faders (using G/H) or close and re-open the MixConsole window.


Redraw issues only in mixer 1 ?


I restarted the machine and it’s still there. Went to a different project I saved earlier in C7 and it’s fine. I did save the offending project in C7 after the mixer went flaky. Idk

Ok I got the mixer back. What I did was deselected everything in the “Setup window layout” menu and the mixer went back to normal