I guess we will know WL9 is out when it gets it own forum...

Just excited that we maybe days, weeks, months from WL9. I am hoping that this version is bug free. I am still using WL6 as that is the last “stable” version I have.


Same here, and I’m still on WL6 too.

Sadly, I doubt that any new release, of anything, will be bug free.

there is no such thing as bug free software

If v6 is your thing - then you probably shouldn’t waste any energy whatsoever waiting or worrying about v9.

It will most certainly present with a wack of bugs as every major release does. Like v7 and v8 - actual real world usability and stability wasn’t a reality until at least three maintenance releases.

It is unfortunate that PG has succumbed to “new release-itis” with great regularity in the last 5 years or so. When people blatantly state that they need to return to v6 to get work done - that is a sad reality of the on-going quality of the Wavelab development plan.

It boggles my mind how a solid release like a v6 was so easily turned into a house of cards in v7 or v8 because of the need for “new” stuff. If people are reverting to 6 - it’s clear they do not care about anything new - they just need it to work.

That said v8.5 has been rock solid for me (but I do not drive it like some of you do). So I see no need to move on 9 until it gets some real world stability.


Yes …same for me and I do “drive it hard”. I hope that one day we can get to the bottom of why various users with essentially very similar hardware configurations have had such polar opposite stability experiences with WL 8.5.

I personally think it comes down to these things in this order:

  1. 3rd Party Plugins
  2. Sound Card
  3. If you use the analog loop or just stay in the box and your general work flow

Hmmm … yes, but I personally know a few instances where WL 8.5 has presented stability issues with the same RME card as I have, no plugins loaded, just pressing play. Something that could not be more different than my personal experience in my room. No doubt, one day soon, the digital demon that is responsible will reveal itself.

I have been on WL 6 on Windows 7 for the last couple of months. So far it is rock stable. Yesterday after reading this thread I decided to again “try” WL 8.5.3 and it worked for about 5 minutes until I tried to use FAB ProL and then it crashed. After that it crashed a couple of more times. Once by simply pushing the play button. All top quality plugins, a professional RME sound card so I am confused. I have been a user of WL since 1.6 and yes I do push it but not any more than I do any piece of software.

It seems to me that when WL was ported over to he MAC that is when things started to go wrong…like WL 7. There has not been a stable release since then IMHO. I have built my whole business around WL and so when it screws up it is NOT GOOD.

I sincerely hope that the new version, version 9 is stable and I can use it and depend on it.

PG my hopes are with you!!!

And that’s what I mean … I use ProL as one of my limiter choices and never had a problem. Windoze 7 Pro and RME. Digital demons.

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So when is WL 9 coming out? We were promised a date in the spring…

Spring here (Canada) is officially 19 days away. But that’s just the first “day” of “spring”.

WL 9 could conceivably come out on June 20 (last day of Spring here in Canada) and that’s still officially “spring”.



PS: Regardless of what day it arrives - everyone should brace themselves for immediate pain as is the case with all major releases. Unless you have nothing else to do or fancy yourself an unpaid beta tester - there will be no good logical reason to move important work to V9 without at least 2 big fat maintenance releases to get rid of the initial problems.

I probably won’t even install it until August or so.

Ooh… lets see how this works out, shall we… :slight_smile:

No problem. You can go first.

My clients do not care what software (or version) I use. Just as long as their products are delivered on time.

Last thing I need is to beta test WL9 right now.

I will of course purchase on release day but I have no desire for any real world usage until the big bugs are identified and addressed.

I didn’t even look at v8 until 8.02. I can do the same this round :slight_smile: