I hate the hub

Please make it go away. C13 is great. If it needs the hub to quit gracefully, please work out another way. I hate it in Photoshop, etc etc I hate the hub everywhere. I paid a fair amount of money for this software - I don’t need a hub.


Agree, but we’re outnumbered.


Somewhere around 3/4 of the way through the super long thread on the Hub, the underlying problem causing the current behavior got sorted out. Steinberg has stated there that they will change it in an update. The Hub of course won’t be removed from Cubase, but it will stop stalking you if you don’t want to use it.


I dunno if I feel stalked. :smiley:

More like that odd bit of junk mail. one would prefer to be able to opt-out from receiving EVERY FRICKIN’ DAY. :slight_smile:


Sorry. Didn’t see that. Also as I’m sure a lot of users said, it’s more the fact that it stays open when the project is open. That does seem like a bug. It’s good to be able to have it there for the artists that are featured on it - I think it’s great to have some community. It’s more the hanging around after I close a song - I’m sure this was covered. But the program quits a lot better! I’m grateful for that.

Apparently it’s normal Windows behaviour to have to exit a program twice :confused:

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