I have 2 of the same midi controllers and I can't use Midi remote assistant on both?

I just bought 2 Novation Launchkey MK3’s, one is at my computer, and one is at my synth rack. When I tried to utilize the midi map for both, my custom controls only work on my keyboard that’s on my desk. Does anybody know why it won’t work on the other one? The transport controls work fine on both, but custom controls only work on one. When I unplugged the one at my desk, the keyboard that’s on my synth rack works as excepted. Can I not do MIDI remote mapping on 2 keyboards inside Cubase? or is it because it’s the same brand and model? In midi remote assistant, there is 2 in the drop down so they should be separate.

I’ve even tried doing different custom controls on each and still, it won’t work.