I have a problem with Groove Agent SE5

Hello, I have a problem with Groove Agent. If I’m create new project and add new instrument (Groove agent) and click on ( black line “browser with presets”)(photo #1), i have the error “A serious problem has occurred…” (photo #2). All of people have same problem or not?
But if I add new instrument (Groove agent) and first clik pointer (Load next kit) and after click on ( black line “browser with presets”)(photo #1) all is ok. How i should fix this problem?
#1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=18fmS-nMSrEHjQVg6f3SCgFcbtqiJ6G5e
#2 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1siEhDLPT8GtMzbEsS5gWqzWPFhCeIexh


Crash dump file has been created, as mentioned on the 1st picture. Could you attach it, please?

Yes, of course.

And I see so much crash dump files :open_mouth: except attached file.


Unfortunately the crash dump doesn’t point to anything specific. Actually there is only one line in the stack text: user32.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please? Also make sure your system is up to date, please.

Hi, it’s strange but today i tryed repeat my actions and i didn’t see error. I don’t know why. First i thought maybe it is associated with old version cubase 5.0 (32 bit) because yesterday I opened old projects, and after I return to cubase 10.0.40. But not. It is not a problem because I didn’t see the error after my actions today. Maybe my computer needed restart. I don’t remember I did restart yesterday after my problem or not. Magic :smiley:
I will try in cubase safe start mode and write to you. Thanks that you are ansvering to my messages.

It’s funny but in Safe Start Mode i cannot run Cubase, i tryed write my activation code but e-licencer sayed me “i dont see usb licencer” I tryed turn off and turn on USB licencer but nothing. I cannot run Cubase in Safe Start Mode. I restarted with Safe Start Mode with network.


I don’t mean Windows Safe Start Mode, but Cubase Safe Start Mode.

I found this a while ago, but after the 10.40 update.

To reproduce:
Add Groove Agent as at least the 3rd VST instrument.

Works fine if added as 1st or 2nd. Added as 3rd or later and instant crash when hitting the browse presets button as described above.
Apologies for not reporting.

Hi, I used Cubase Safe Start Mode and didn’t see the error.

I am trying do same, but I don’t see error now. I dont know why? If You restart your computer your problem will disappear?

Please, doing it. Maybe it help to Martin.Jirsak for understanding this problem. And answer here, please.

I’ve had the same problem since upgrading to 10.4.

Groove Agent had been crashing consistently when loading a preset, but hadn’t done it in the last week. I thought the problem had magically fixed itself (wishful thinking!), but after reading poet’s comment above, I’m thinking that it’s just that GA is the 2nd VST in my latest projects.

Martin suggested that I trash the preferences folders and reinstall Cubase and GA. I was hoping to avoid that as it’s time consuming but will, as a last resort when I don’t have looming project deadlines.

Hi, i hope the problem will be solved with new update.


So far we cannot reproduce it, so it’s hard to even report to Steinberg. So no one is working on it at this moment.

Rebooted many times, even reinstalled 10.0.40

See attached.

Add 2 Track Vsti’s, any will do.

Add GrooveAgent SE as 3rd Track VST.

Click the White circle = Fatal Crash.

Click the Yellow circle first, then the White circle and all is fine.

Happens every time if GA is added as 3rd,4th or later Track VST.

Ok. Very strange i try repeat actions by poet. And I don’t see the error. But when i created this topic i did same actions and I have the error. Maybe his crash dump file talcking about the error.

Please, attach crash dump file from your ERROR here, maybe it answered on our questions. :wink: Because when i created this topic i did same actions and had the error, but i dont remember about position VST Groove Agent, first, second etc.

Cubase 64bit 2019.10.18 (134 KB)

I’m sorry, Martin, could you chek attached file by “poet”, please. Thanks.


Sorry for my delay.

Unfortunately there is literalry nothing in the crash dump. The Stack text contains only:

Hi, Thanks.