I have a question regarding licenses

I have a question, I have a partner with whom I make music, originally we both bought Cubase, however we use it only in my studio, however with version 12, could each one use the licenses in his studio without worrying about some kind of sanction or problem with Steinberg?, since it would be much more practical for each one of us to work from our studios in some projects, because lately we do not have time to meet much.

The official stance is that each Cubase license should only be used by one person. Each license can be activated on up to 3 computers, but these activations should only be used by you.

Thank you… it’s a bit of a waste, at most I use cubase on 2 computers, and the 3rd will be flying, then I have to force my partner who is my direct partner to use it in my studio only… however in my consideration my partner counts as an extension of me since he is my working team for the jingles we work for other companies.