I Have A Question

When I move the loop markers by the handle
it does not move the dark section on the main edit window
so I can get an idea where It’s going to loop on a track at the bottom

I hope this makes sense

Looks like it glitched out. This can be fixed by removing the Defaults.xml file.

I think it’s by design, it moves when I let go of mouse
but it slows me down as I down always get it to loop where i want it
I would like it to be a live update when moving the loop makers

I’m not sure if that’s just the way it is


If I understand you right, the dark area in the Arranger appears after mouse-release, right?

but it would help it the dark area moved along as i moved with mouse movement
so for most times its move let go
wrong move let go
closer lol


This is by design.

would it not be better the way id like it
i know many people have been doing it current way for many years so dont even think about it

i dont know if its my dyslexia as i need more visual feed back


I believe it has a reason, why it is as it is. I can imagine a performance reason, for example.

i understand that,
as for latency, its just crazy for me, because of processing power we have today.
Maybe CPUs need a ASIC for audio processing, like apple/ arm have dedicated sections
on the CPU for video decoding