I have a request about using keyboad

First of all, i’m sorry for my bad english. I don’t live in an english speaking country.
Although the fact behind, i have a request about using keyboard.

Happily, i’ve read about cubasis3 that is developed by users’ requests and it’s better than cubasis2.

I use garageband and bluetooth keyboard to use shortcuts.
It helps me for making a good workflow.
I habitually use shortcuts with my keyboard while i’m using cubasis3 but there’s no changes.
It means, there’s no keyboard support. Or i don’t know about how to use keyboard for cubasis3.
If so, please tell me how to use keyboard when use cubasis.

So,i think, if you allow me to use keyboard to use shortcuts, cubasis will provide user a good workflow.

Thank you for your reading.

Hi Milana,

Thank you for your message.

As of yet, Cubasis 3 does not provide keyboard shortcut support.
We will make sure to add the request to the list.


Thanks for the reply.

I hope i can use keyboard shortcuts on cubasis3 soon.

this would be really fire if u guys could add keyboard shortcuts. like work flow with that feature rises to PC level. hopefully looking forward to see that there. btw great job on creating probably the best DAW for ipad devices.