I have CB Pro, can I also Install CB Elements

I have cubase Pro on my PC.

  1. Now I’m about to buy a tablet and I was wondering could I install a dongleless (*) version eg elements on a windows 10 tablet?
  2. Would I have to buy a separate license, or does the pro license also include lesser versions?
  3. Is it usable on a tablet and stylus, or am I better off buying an ipad and buying cubasis?

cheers zed

(*) I dont want a dongle stuck into a tablet, PC or laptop its OK but I can see it coming to grief with a tablet

Sorry but you would have to purchase the seperate license for a version that runs on a soft elicenser. Remember… the Pro license is on the dongle. How can you expect that license to authorize any software running on a different computer without it being plugged in.

As far as running on a tablet… I have no experence if Cubase will run on one. I suppose it would if the specs of the tablet meet the specs required to run Cubase. My opinion would be to get Cubasis or look at a laptop that meets the system requirements.


Regards. :sunglasses: