I have Cubase 5 LE and I cannot install on osx 10.11

Please, I have my Daughter learning music and she needs to use her Lexicon Omega Interface with her Midi and we are not able to install it on her school apple laptop running osx 10.11.4.

I tried using the Specified Yosemite and ElCapitan installer ver 1.10, but It does not see the mounted Cubase 5 LE Disc in the Apple USB drive.

I am able to install Cubase 5 LE on an old win7 laptop but unfortunately this laptop it is too big and heavy for her to carry to school.

I really need to install it on the Apple MacBook Air 11inch machine for her.

Is there anyway that you can help us with that?

If there is no way to install this version, then, I noticed that there was an e-mail offer of $9.99 for Cubase LE 8 on 19/01/2016, and I missed the grace period.

Is it possible to allow us to upgrade at the January 2016 discounted price??? or something similar???

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Cubase 5 (any derivative), 7 years old software, doesn’t support Mac OS X 10.11, sorry. I would recommend you to upgrade to the current compatible Cubase version.

Thanks Martin,
However, since posting my request for help, I managed to install it by installing on an old leopard system and copying following folders to ElCapitan:

  1. /Applications/Cubase\ LE\ 5*
  2. /Library/Application\ Support/Steinberg*
  3. /Library/Documentation/Steinberg*
  4. /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Cubase\ LE\ 5\ Mac\ Version*
  5. /home//Library/Application\ Support/Steinberg*
  6. I then Rebooted the Macbook Air with ElCapitan OSX system.
  7. I installed the latest eLicenserControl and had problems with a “not unique Soft-eLicenser” error.
  8. I found help on Steinberg.net support with the elc-installation-helper.zip which can be downloaded at:
  9. Installed the helper and followed the instructions and re-activated my licenses.
  10. All seems to work on El Capitan, but, I don’t know how to use Cubase5LE and I am not hearing the Guitar or Midi Inputs on the Macbook Air and not Yet sure if all drivers are working properly.

Any help on how to setup a project and test the Lexicon Omega input would be appreciated.

Will update when I work out how to use this brilliant Cubase5LE software.




See Cubase 7 Quick Start videos on the official Steinberg YouTube Channel, please.

I don’t know why and being new to Cubase5LE, but, when I try to do a VST Connection setup I get blasted with loud Scratchy and Buzzing noise.

Both level meters on bottom Transport panel are maxed out and even if I turn the level down the level meters are still maxed out.

I went to inspector and selected “No Bus” for the Input and noise in headphones which are connected to omega stopped but meters still maxed out.

If I play with the “VST Audio System” “Lexicon Mac USB” “Control Panel” and change the sampling rate the noise frequency changes also. When set to 2048 I only get a noise click every second but the meters on the Transport panel are still maxed out, and when I play the Guitar I only get the occassional squeak type noise.

Under Devices the only other VST settings I have is the “VST System Link” which I don’t need to use right now.

Is there a patch for this problem ???

I tried Garageband and it is working perfectly with external mic and guitar inputs. However, Garageband does not have an external Keyboard input, I need to use the Guitar Amp input and my daughter said it does not sound as it should. That is why I am trying to get Cubase 5LE to work.

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I tried the Lexicon Omega with Cubase 5 LE on Windows7 machine and it works perfectly.

In-addition, because Garageband works with Omega on Yosemite and ElCapitan, I think it is Cubase5LE software problem not OSX 10.10.X or 10.11.4 etc.

Please let me know if you have solution / patch for this problem.

Kind Regards,

I think, it’s an incopatibility issue.

If I buy the newer version of Cubase Elements, what is the guarantee that it won’t have the same noise issue on ElCapitan and Yosemite problem?

Officially support.

I have a Lexicon Omega Interface with with Cubase 5 LE.
Running Mac 10.8.5 but need to upgrade OS to 10.12.
What is my best software solution? Alternately, What Legacy system should I configure to work as a standalone system for mixing?

Cubase 8/8.5.


Hi, I just bought the lexicon alpha recording audio interface and I received the Cubase LE 5 with it (CD-rom installation). I have MAC OS 10.11.6

When I run the cd-rom: OS not supported.

I know I need to upgrade the to Cubase 8, etc, but if I don’t have the Cubase LE 5 on my mac (because I cannot install it), how do I do?

Can you give me instructions?