I have cubase elements 8 and want to upgrade to pro 10

Can pro 10 still be purchased and registered with my elicense? Can I run pro 10 on windows 7 operating system?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The only version, you can order is always the current one. It means Cubase 11 at this moment. Moreover, you will get Cubase 12 license for free, once this will be released.

But you can start Cubase 10 with Cubase 11 license, if you need this exact version.

Many Thanks, can you advise if cubase 11 has all the features of cubase 10? Can I still use my current Windows 7 platform?


Yes, it has.

Cubase 11 is not Windows 7 compatible. Cubase 10 was the last Windows 7 compatible version. Yes, with Cubase 11 license, you can run Cubase 10 on Windows 7.

Thanks for the info Martin, please can you advise which are the latest versions of artists and elements that will operate on windows 7. Thanks Roy


Cubase 10 was the latest Windows 7 compatible version of all editions: LE, AI, Elements, Artist, Pro.