I have HALion installed on E:\. How do I tell Cubase where it is?

I used the Download Assistant to download HALion Sonic SE 3 and the HALion Symphony Orchestra. I downloaded them to my E:\ drive where I keep all of my sound libraries, samples, etc. Now, whenever I launch the program, I get an error that:

"Some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing, or time-limited licenses have expired:

HALion Symphonic Orchestra Factory Presets 01

Find out more on how to activate your time-limited licenses permanently, or remove expired licenses."

The product I bought came with HALion and this library, but I can’t get it to load.

Most likely there is a mismatch between where Cubase thinks the files are and where they really are.

You can use the Steinberg Library Manager to manage library locations (duh). But the easiest thing for your situation is to use Explorer (or Finder) to navigate to where the .vstsound files are located. Then just double-click on one of them. This should cause all the libraries in that Folder to get registered and have their locations properly set.

I actually did try that method with no luck. Double clicking one of the .vstsound files opens the Steinberg Library Manager and asks to install them. I’ve tried installing them in “default location” as well as a specific location on my E:\ drive, but in no situation can I get Cubase to see them when it launches.

Two things are very important.

  1. HALion Symphonic Ochestra is sold separately and does need a licence.
    You probably downloaded it, because it was available in the Download Assistant … yes, you can download everything from Steinberg from it, but can only use anything you got a licence for. This might be confusing for people new to Cubase.
    I’d uninstall HALion Symphonic Ochestra in your case and move on.

  2. You mentioned your product came with HALion. Unfortunately “HALion”, HALion Sonic" and “HALion Sonic SE” are all different products (as much as I love using Cubase, I’d like Steinberg making this a little more easier to see for newcomvers), which can be confusing at first. I intentionally left out the version numbers to make it easier to read here.
    If you “only” bought Cubase, you have HALion Sonic SE 3, that little “SE” is very important to note.

HALion Sonic SE 3 is a free, lite version of HALion Sonic, which comes bundled with your Cubase licence. Just use your SE version you have. HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3 (without “SE”), on the other hand, are both full version products and sold separately.

Thanks for the info. I checked and I don’t have a license for the orchestra library. You’re right, that’s really confusing seeing as the download manager let me install the entire library onto my computer. And I was already confused by all of the different HALion modules. I’ll just uninstall and ignore them all then, thanks.

Yes like @Gomorrha said you can download anything independent of what you have licensed. It’s using the product that requires a license.