I have installed cubase AI but it does not run

Hi I recently purchased a UR22 with the Cubase AI download included.

I downloaded the software, followed the installation procedure and the software does not run.
I would have uploaded a screenshot but this page does not accept pdf file.

The last message said something about a “synopsos” error.

I have repeated this procedure 3 times now and it does not change.

This is getting urgent for me now as I have a recording to complete for some friends.

Can someone please share the secret of uploading, installing and running this programme with me.

I am most unhappy with this excercise so far and to say the website and documentation are unhelpful is a gross misstatement.

thank you


Hi and welcome,

You can attach a screenshot in a proper format (PNG or JPG) here (PDF is not a picture format)

If the very latest message you saw was “synsopos”, then it’s elicenser related. Make sure you have the very latest eLCC version installed, please. Start eLCC as administrator and click to Maintenance. Make sure Soft-eLinceser Number is there and the license is there.

Hi Martin, thank you for the advice. I can open it now. I reinstalled the latest eLCC.

I now need to figure out how to use it. :slight_smile: