I have just purchased Dorico for Windows but no download

G’day from Australia.

I hope I am at the right place for this question.

I just purchased Dorico for Windows and downloaded the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Unfortunately there are no download files showing for me to download.

Hopefully some kind soul can assist me.

Thank you.


If all else fails, Paul, you can download the Dorico for Windows installer from here.

Do make sure, by the way, that you’re running a 64-bit version of Windows. Dorico requires a 64-bit operating system.

G’donya Daniel.

Downloading now and going to bed while the download takes place.

Thank you for your quick response. That’s what makes the product great.

Best wishes as always of course.



Yes, one of what assuredly be ongoing throughout Dorico’s growth and is a huge asset to all is the wonderful, knowledgeable and straight shooting support from the actual hands on developers/programmers/creators. How they interact/respond to the client base allows a great level of confidence in the future of this program.