I have LE AI Elements 10, bought upgrade to Pro. Shows licence not available when try to activate

Maybe someone can help.

I own a UR12 interface and got the Cubase AI with it, activated it and worked with it.
Shortly after I upgraded to Elements 10. Both licences showed up in My Steinberg.

Today i bought the Upgrade to Pro11 from AI. i followed the instructions and entered the Download access Code and it showed up in MySteinberg but as “not yet activated”. Suddenly the AI Licence didn’t show up anymore. Only the Elements 10.

I dragged and dropped in the eLincenser the Elements 10 license onto my dongle, as suggested.

I guess i would need the AI licence to complete the Upgrade, but it is nowhere to be found, nor can i reactivate it or get a new code via Steinberg.

I have everything updated, tried every USB port. It seems the Upgrade does not recognize the other license and well, the AI one seems to be gone.

Of course all the old activation codes don’t work anymore. In MySteinberg there is no option to get a new code, even though the Hardware is registered and shows up.

I own a AI license, that why i bought the upgrade. it simply disappeared during the upgrade process to pro.

Does anyone know how i can solve this issue? Thanks in advance

Not sure why it is not working but the AI license probably disappeared because you upgraded it to Elements.

both the AI and the Elements license where in MySteinberg. It only disappeared when i tried to do the upgrate to PRO.

Also, The Elements is AI anyway, so it should be possible.

You bought the wrong upgrade. You need Elements to Pro, not AI to pro.

The Elicenser Control Center on your machine has the authoritative info, the website might need time to update

I own an AI license. So i should be able to upgrade it.

You updated your AI to Elements, so you no longer have an AI license.

no, you upgraded that to Elements 10 ?

(steve beat me to it - never get into a 'pistols at dawn duel with him…)

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i did yes. I asked if my AI licence will change and they said no, because it was a special offer

so i got “tricked” into upgrading to elements i suppose.

Where did you get that info?

I’m not sure who told you that.

The best advice now is to get in touch with Steinberg via MySteinberg or contact the store that you bought the PRO upgrade and see what they can do.

There are no promises but in my experience Steinberg support are very helpful in these circumstances

steinberg did sent one of those emails to upgrade. I asked customer support because i wanted to buy pro but didn’t have the cash. So i asked them if i can upgrade later to pro, and i get now that i can, but not the way i thought

thanks steve and Strangelove.

I guess the AI license got eaten by the Elements upgrade and now i am stuck with a wrong license.

If the license isn’t activated, you can get a refund for it.

Just get it refunded and buy the correct license.

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I was in the same boat. I loved AI when i got it last year, so upgraded it to Elements. Now it seems the cheapest way to get Pro is to go from AI to Pro, from a retailer and not Steinberg for some reason. My AI licence is now Elements so thats no good.
What i did was post on a couple of Yamaha Montage/MODX FB groups to see if anyone had an unused AI code. It comes free with those synths and a lot of people will already be running Cubase. I was lucky as someone gave me their key, as they already had Pro, So now i have licenses for AI and Elements. Will order the Pro upgrade when the 30 day demo runs out.