I Have Made The Jump To Cubase 6.5 on Win XP

I just wanted to say…

I have been working with Cubase 4 Studio for a few years, Sx3 before that, SX2 before that…

Cubase 6.5 truly is EXCELLENT. Respect Steinberg.

This program runs super-stable so far, and this is on windows XP im talking about, where it’s not even officially supported. In fact, it’s way more stable than Studio 4 so far (only just upgraged a few days ago)

XP USERS ----- Just be sure to have XP Service pack 3, and also make sure you have Net Framework 3.5 SP1 (and bugfix patches i’d recommend). NOTE - You need to have Net Framework installed on your HOST PC, and not just the pc where you are updating your e-licenser (as I was told). If you do all this, as well as making sure you have the latest version of License Control Centre installed, then everything should be sweet.

IF YOU GET ERROR MESSAGE 0XXXXXXXXX (can’t remember numbers) when you try to run Cubase 6/6.5, even though your e-licenser was succesfully updated, it’s likely this is because you need to have the correct installation of Net Framework. I had version 2.0, and I got this error message. Once I’d installed version 3.5 service pack 1 on DAW host pc, it ran sweet as a nut, in fact, it seems to run way smoother and more stable than Cubase 4 studio.

Thankyou Steinberg!!, As long as these issues are taken into account, you can enjoy the epicness that is Cubase 6/6.5

And by the way, the Retrologue snd Padshop synths are an amazing addition to Cubase’s arsenal, and to me thay sound as good as any modern soft synth, if not better, and i’ve got Gladiator, Massive, Imposcar, Albino, blah blah AWESOME!! I’m absolutely loving them,

so, once again, thankyou Steinberg for making my year :smiley:

Hi Rennie -

Just to say that currently I’m running 6.0.5 on XP, SP2, Netscape NOT installed, with no problems at all.

I only required netscape to update the e-licenser on another PC.


thanks for the detailed information.
This will hopefully save me some time…and nerves.
…yes, I should change to Windows 7…

Thanks a lot.