I have not been given my Cubase 12 License

I have purchased Cubase 12 for Mac (1 May). I have the receipts etc. I installed Cubase 12 using the download code and the program installed. But I was not given a license number to enter into the elicenser. A sign came up saying something like " you have permission to use Cubase on this computer" ( my words) but no license code. So I went thought the installer process again and got the same permission notice but no License Code. I cannot enter the license into “my Steinberg” software licenses. At the moment this is stressing me out.
Has the process changed? I have used Cubase for many years and the license code was critical.
Will I lose the programe?

Did you install Steinberg Activaton Manager?

Cubase 12 doesn’t use the eLicenser anymore.

On your receipt you should have a download access code. Start the Download Assistant, click on “Download Access Code” in the upper left corner and enter the code from your receipt.

The last step is to start the Activation Manager and click on Activate.

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Thank you.
I found the Activation Manager. I did not know it existed. It was already installed. I was able to activate C12 and deactivate the C12 trial version so all should be good. I also noticed C12 AI and deactivated that. All should be well now. It is a pity that Steinberg does not make the steps clear.
Thank you

Glad that everything works for you now.

Steinberg has all information about the licensing system on their website for a long time now, you can find it here

and in the helpcenter

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