I have not recieved the activation code for Cubase Elements 10.

“If you have purchased software online, you have received an Activation Code or Download Access Code by email. Please check your mailbox.” Well, I have checked and that numerous times. I believe that I might have used the wrong email when I bought the product but I still got a mail about Steinberg Online Shop. It contains the login for Steinberg Online Shop. Do anyone know if it´s possible to see recent payments from my Steinberg Online Shop-account? I downloaded Cubase and the folder that I downloaded Cubase from also contained “ID”, can I use that to somehow get my activation codes back? Also when I first bought Cubase my browser opened up a new tab, in this tab I received two codes. Both were activation codes, but after a few minutes after tabbing into this tab again it asked me to log in. I tried to log in but somehow an account hadn’t been created with my email. Please help me.

My mail: [email address removed]

Hi and welcome,

I think you should get in touch with Steinberg support.

Hello, I sent in a request trough MySteinberg 11 days ago and I haven’t received any help. But I will try to call the support on Monday.

Thank you anyways.

I’ve got exactly the same problem - no activation code.
Driving me insane!!

Hi and welcome,

Some email providers block the Steinberg robots. Please check your Spam filter and trash bin if the email is not there.

If you can’t find it, get in touch with official Steinberg support, please. Here on the user forum, we cannot help with the licenses.