I have read everything on the net about this...

and I am still in the dark. I upgraded to the 6 demo because i wanted to use my yamaha MM6 as a VSTi and 5 essentials would not let me do that. Ok, so i have it set up as a VSTi and I can import a MIDI multi track file and click on each track an re-assign the VSTi from Halion to the MM6 and play it and it sounds GREAT !!!

But I am only 95% there. I need some help with making the MM6 the DEFAULT VSTi, Like when I open a midi file it uses Hailon as the default VSTi and I have to go and click each track and change it to the MM 6. How do I get Cubase 6 to use the MM6 every time when it opens a midi pattern for playback.

I hope I am making sense, the voices in the MM 6 are FAR superior to Halion I want them as the default playback device for MIDI.

Thank you in advance


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Open C6 and go to preferences.
Select Midi file under mid on the left.
Import options > Destination > choose " Midi tracks.
See screenshot:


Hope this helps

That did it, thanks a million. Now I will work on getting the patch names and I am all set 4 now.

Really, really appreciate it.