I have received an EDU license instead of full?

I just bought the upgrade from 10.5 pro full to 11 and for some reason I received an EDU license? Why?
What does UD 1* stands for?

I donˋt think there are dedicated EDU update licensens. Only full versions are EDU , so why you think you got an EDU license? „UD1“ most probabaly stands for „Update 1“.

Well I might be mistaken, because in short description window when I was activating it said "Upgrade Cubase 11 Pro (upgrade for ((Cubase Pro 10.5 (Educa…) and the description ended here. When I checked in my products it said - Cubase Pro 11 UD 1 and when I searched in internet there was description that UD is a licensing in UK for teachers and educational purposes. I never ever seen anything in the name inside my products when upgrading since the Cubase 7.

I have to admit this years upgrade, licensing and downloads are so confusing. Also while I understand that the download is broken on separate software and banks to help with the downloads and you choosing what actually you need, it is so much pain to install everything one by one.