I have some difficulty with the solo defeat on midi track

In C11 (never happened in C10.5 or before) I have some difficulty with the solo defeat. If solo defeat is enabled on a MIDI track, this should automatically engage the VST track to which that MIDI track is connected. It works, but sometimes it doesn’t. I looked for why and in what situation, and it’s pretty random, like a bug. Has anyone noticed the same problem?


To me the Solo Defeat is never enabled on the Instrument Track (where is the MIDI Track Output connected to), if I Solo Defeat the MIDI Track. It doesn’t matter if I do so in the Project window or in the MixConsole.

As far as I remember, Cubase Never enabled it automatically.

Hi Martin,

No, but the instrument is playing, so the solo function is applied afterwards. As if there are group buses. The solo originally made a solo for the chain. Same thing for VST. A Midi track set in solo will set solo on the VST concerned (it will not be transferred like the other tracks). The Defeat solo acts as an always active solo. And its suite is always active, unless it is manually muted.

What I’m talking about in my thread is that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It is not normal.


For me Solo Defeat is never enabled on the Instrument track automatically, once I activate Solo Defeat on the MIDI track (routed to the Instrument track).

Could you attach a video, please?

I don’t have this on my music computer. But I don’t mean that the VST track shows the “D” of “defeat” in orange. I mean it’s automatically soloed by the MIDI track’s soloing. This is normal, since the instrument is indeed playing. Is it better explained?