I have some problem with a drum module

I have some problem with a drum module its a Alesis dm 5. I am very satisfied with the drum sounds that i am using with it. But there is a problem with it. And the problem is sometimes when i edit something in a song and write the song out to the hard drive then there sometimes becomes a noice from the drum sound in the song. The noice from the song can dissapear if i write it out a couple of times to the hard drive then the noice can go away from the song but i can take a very long time maybe sometimes many days and thats very tough. I wonder can it be like that because the drum module that i am using is a very old model like 15-20 years old model. Could the thing be fine i bought a newer drum module like an Alesis dm 10 that is way newer or should i still have problem with the newer Alesis module.

I don’t understand this part.

So you have the audio drums on a Cubase audio track. What are you doing to “write” it out a couple of times. Are you exporting this audio track over and over until the noise goes away? What are you doing that takes a few days, I think we need to get to the bottom of something here.

Yes i am exporting the song til the noice goes away and sometimes the noice wont go away so easily and then it takes a few days and many hours everyday. Sometimes it seems the noice will never go away and there is many songs that has noice so its not so very fun. When i am exporting the song i do it in two projects and then it takes a bit longer than just one project. One day i exported the song over 50 times and the noice didnt go away. Why is there coming a noice so easily in my songs with the drum module Alesis dm 5. Is it because its a very old model and the rest of my stuff is quiet new.

This may be out of scope for a quick post.

You will need to go all the way back and make sure you have procedure correct.

I hate to tell you that you will have to re-record these drums, but it seems like you have recorded the noise floor, all the nasty hum/hiss/dirt and now inside Cubase, you have turned up the drums even more. Now you can hear all the noise. BUT if you turn the drums down, now the drums are not loud enough!

The idea that you have exported your audio, and it (from what I gather) is degrading the audio is troubling as well. If you export a file 100 times, each file should be exactly the same.

There are tools to fix this. I think you should try in another area of this forum, and start from the beginning of your process. There are people experienced with this that can help you save a LOT of time, and get you on track to making music, instead of fighting it :wink:

edit: try the computer/studio issues section, please start from the beginning and explain the problem.

Few questions : did you defined your Alesis as an external instrument in Cubase ‘MIDI Device Manager’ window then in the ‘External instrument’ panel of the ‘VST connections’ one ? In other words, do you use a MIDI/VST instruments tracks combination to use it ? And if not, do you have, at least, a MIDI track for this ?

  • If there is any MIDI data recorded, it should be easy either, to batch export again the concerned track(s) from it and reimport the resulting audio data in your project, or to record again the incoming audio signal in an audio track. But this time, be sure to carefully check the levels, as mpayne0 suggested.

  • If not, how do you trigger your Alesis in order to record the incoming audio signal from it ?