I have three keyboards in a single player, how to change which one plays?

I have piano, electric piano and synthesizer. I feel like I have been able to have all three appear on the score as I am writing, yet only the one I write for plays and the printed part tells the player when to change, yet I can’t seem to find that setting anymore… help?

One player will hold three instruments, in Setup mode. You can look up “instrument change.”

Then in Galley view, you can see all staves as you write.

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Oh geez… of course. I hadn’t even look at gallery mode… thank you.


This has tripped me up before. I remember Lillie mentioning looking at relevant parts of the manual again for added clarification…

In the latest published manual, which happens to be for the iPad version, there are the following key pointers that I can remember off the top of my head that point users to switching to galley view in order to see - and input notes for - all instruments held by the same player:

  • On the introduction page to and about instrument changes. The circumstances that lead to instrument changes being handled automatically are now laid out in a bullet point list (as opposed to the paragraph-style that was used previously). There is also now an embedded tutorial video by Ant, demonstrating handling instrument changes by inputting notes onto multiple instruments held by the same player.
  • At the end of the topic about giving instruments to players
  • As a prerequisite on the topic about inputting notes in general
  • And as an example as to why one might want to switch to galley view in the first place (also here in the 3.5 manual)

Lillie, very nice!
I have the feeling that the bold face of the words “galley view” alone will make a huge difference in this regard…
Thx! :+1:


Thank you very much . A total brain freeze on my part…

One other tip: in Page View, if you’re starting with the topmost instrument in the Player, then selecting notes and moving them to the next staff below (Alt M) will move them to the next instrument.

In other words, moving notes to the next staff includes staves that are not currently visible. (But obviously excludes Players not in that Flow.)