I have to reinstall UR22MkII Driver every day to run Cubase smoothly

I’m not sure if my problem fits in with the ones I’ve read from other people here, but since I got my computer last week and bought a Steinberg UR22 MkII soundcard to go with it I’ve been having audio dropouts and glitches.

Upgrading to the latest Yamaha driver helped, but every day when I load up Cubase I still have the same issues. It gets particularly bad if I try to load pages on the internet while I have music playing in Cubase, even if there’s only a few instruments playing, and changing the buffer doesn’t make a dirfference.

The strange thing here is that if I then uninstall and reinstall the latest Yamaha driver then everything works perfectly. However, the next day it’ll be back doing the same thing and I have to reinstall it yet again.

I’d love to know if anyone has any suggestions as to why that might be and how I could fix it permanently?

Here’s my specs:

Windows 10 / Cubase 7.5
Ryzen 1600x
16GB Ram
Asus Strix B350F Motherboard
Nvidia 1080
Steinberg UR22MkII running Yamaha 1.9.10 driver

It’s not a few days after posting this and I’m now noticing that reinstalling the driver only gives me a few hours of smooth playing before it starts to revert back to the dropouts and glitches again when I’m doing things like changing internet pages. I’m stumped as to what’s causing this??