I hereby make my demand

I would like an update for my Trial version of Cubase Elements before it is over (14 days left) so I can test if any of the problems as outlined by gracious members of the forum are a true and accurate account of Steinberg’s treatment towards people.

Update for what?

6.0.6 should be coming out this week.

13 days I now have left.

It’s interesting but I cannot believe how far Steinberg have come since SX3, since for the most part it feels like a similar experience albeit more stable and I cannot help but wonder what the actual differences might be (of course there’d be newer versions of plugins among new applications) but as sequencer.

I know there are rounting differences such as limitations for FX tracks but can groups perform the same function?

Hello (Brains)

the 0.6 update ill come this week as stated before. No need to start new topics.



I knew it, recognised the style, just didn’t want to be the first to say :laughing:

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Looks like the Padawan has now become a Jedi :smiling_imp:

Well done Brains, lets see if you can get to a 1000 posts before being banned (again) :laughing:

Lol but my avatar being cute and all I’d like to stay even if in a cryogenic state.

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If that makes you a Jedi, then I am the master.

I’ve been posting with my e-licenser in another room.

haha, I guess I’ll always be a Padawan.

Nice that Steinberg set up this forum, since among all the repeated annoyances and travails it must surely make their job easier at least.

:astonished: No-o-o-o-o-o-o…not again…leave us alone… :imp: :imp: :imp:

Oh the irony.